Jeff Cavaliere Accused of Using Fake Weights for His YouTube Channel

Jeff Cavaliere has been using fake weights in his video according to another workout guru on YouTube.

Jeff Cavaliere was a head physical therapist for the New York Mets and now he has a successful YouTube fitness channel. His channel is linked to Athlean-X website which has a huge following base of several million subscribers.

Many fitness YouTubers have been calling out Jeff for using fake weights in his videos.

Scott Herman Fitness, a channel on YouTube exposed that Jeff has been using fake weights. There was a video of Jeff doing deadlifts with a weight of 495lbs. According to Scott the weights change and his form is off.

Scott was very professional and mature while calling out the fake weights.

He says that as a content creator, you have to use fake weights because you lift all the time and become tired. He wants people who makes videos to put in more time to make quality videos for people.

Scott continues to reassure his audience that he is not trying to knock Jeff, but better yet, trying to expose that his form is off while doing these lifts and does not want people to follow the model given.

To see Scott’s video, view below:

Do you think Jeff Cavaliere is using fake weights?

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