Jeremy Buendia Is Going Super Saiyan Weeks Out From Olympia

Jeremy Buendia is looking beastly in his Olympia training.

With the Olympia right around the corner, all the competitors are getting locked and loaded for competition. The Olympia ensures that the best of the best qualified IFBB athletes have a chance to compete against one another to decide who the best in the world is in their respective divisions. For years now the Men’s Physique Olympia champion has been Jeremy Buendia, a talented bodybuilder with insane genetics. How did he get to the level of champion? Through hard work and dedication to perfecting his form. But like each and every year, there those who wonder if Buendia has grown too large for his division.

Jeremy Buendia is in absolutely shredded condition, yet the usual talk about the three time Olympia champ is that he’s grown too massive for his division. Many fans have wondered if the Classic Physique division is where Buendia should make his new home. To be fair, the reigning Men’s Physique champ has put on size each and every year. After securing victory three times in a row you’d think the talk would have subsided by now, yet it remains ever present. The reality is that if he wishes to keep his title he must continue the to train in hopes of developing new muscle and furthering his goal to reach perfection.

The post below showcases just how hard Jeremy Buendia has been training to seek out his final form. Check out this intense training video featuring the Men’s Physique champion putting his body to the test in the gym.

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