Jeremy Buendia Undergoes Surgery For Torn Pec. Will He Be Ready For The 2018 Season?

Jeremy Buendia has suffered a nasty pec tear.

Lately it seems the the standout athletes in bodybuilding have been suffering some pretty serious injuries. There’s nothing worse than a nagging injury getting in the way of progress, but what has happened to Men’s Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia isn’t simply a tweaked shoulder. His injury could actually effect his career.

After injury his pec during training, Jeremy Buendia was sure to check if the damage was serious. It seems that the injury was serious enough to garner pec surgery and so Jeremy Buendia found himself under the knife this holiday season.

It’s great to see that the surgery was a success, but one has to wonder if this will effect his progression greatly. As the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia king, Buendia is going to want to defend his title next year and this pec tear does him no favors.

Do you think this pec tear will effect Jeremy Buendia in 2018?

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  1. Is this guy crazy he does not need to lift heavy, remember that he walks around on stage in long shorts with his hands at his waist like a girl, some pump up sets are more than enough for what he does.

      • Sure guy! And unicorns are real too right? Not taking anything away from the guy but injuries like these can even destroy legends.

  2. Most muscular pose in board shorts?

    Btw, wasn’t Lee Priest better at 18 years old than this guy has ever been?

    It really doesn’t belong on the same stage in my opinion.

    But… Money rules, I know


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