Jeremy Buendia looking to make a big shift in his career.

After dominating the Men’s Physique category for four consecutive years, it appears that Jeremy Buendia is thinking about changing things up. As the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion, Buendia has turned away every challenge and has a firm stranglehold on the division. Now it appears that he’s looking to shake things up and give another division a try.

Recently, Jeremy Buendia made a post on Instagram that firmly suggests that the Men’s Physique champ could be looking to change divisions in the near future. That’s right, Jeremy Buendia is hinting at a move to the Classic Physique division. Take a look at the post that the champ put up on his social media.

With competitors like his old rival Sadik Hadzovic, Chris Bumstead, and champion Breon Ansley, Jeremy Buendia would have his hands full if he decided to make the move. People are always suggesting that he’s getting too big for Men’s Physique, so this could simply be the logical next step.

Do you think Jeremy Buendia should switch to Classic Physique?

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  1. Everyone In here does realize before they had at men’s physique, Jeremy competed in open body building right?!? He’s only ever lost one show in his life. That’s before hany. So honestly your comments are a little retarded. Do your research before you post fellas. By the way this is old news

    • Well he’s still men’s physique not classic. And I’m just saying it’s not impossible. Bodybuilding is an illusion. The argument was he has no legs, mine was he’s got the best legs In the men’s physique division. You’re judging a guy who hasn’t made the commitment yet. And classic goes off a height and weight ratio. So being 5′ 8″ wouldn’t hurt him

    • In all reality though, he has no legs. He just has good depth and detail in his quads. But yeah.. but it is possible for him to move up. Just needs to work those legs. I remember when he lived in Sacramento, he was only leg pressing around 600lb. It’ll be interesting to see how this years classic division will go this year

  2. Its not the real reason.
    He knows it wil be difficult to win his fith title this year after his surgery and says thinking to change the division and move in classic Physique.But he has no chance in this division.


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