Jeremy Potvin Shows Off Crazy Proportions And Posing Ahead Of Olympia

Jeremy Potvin is looking inhuman.

Every category at the Olympia is set to be jammed packed with competitors who are hoping to topple the kings and queens of the division. In the Men’s Physique category, Jeremy Buendia is the undisputed king and has held onto the title for three straight years. At this point it’s hard to see who could possibly overcome the reigning champion. But there are some contenders out there that have a legitimate chance of challenging for the top spot. One of those individuals is undoubtedly Jeremy Potvin.

A Men’s Physique competitor with some otherworldly proportions, Jeremy Potvin has been sited as a competitor who has the goods to potentially dethrone Buendia. It’s a prospect that’s easier said than done especially when you consider how unbeatable the reigning champion has looked lately. But Jeremy Potvin having such unique proportions as well as strong posing gives him a great chance to upset the balance and usurp Buendia.

Being a professional bodybuilding competitor means always striving to improve upon you physique. There’s no such thing as perfect, but that shouldn’t prevent a competitor from trying their best to make even the smallest improvements to the their physique. This is the approach Jeremy Potvin must take in order to get the win at the Olympia. His recent Instagram post showcases Potvin’s crazy proportions and posing.

Depletion starts today. Be ready to see a few changes in conditioning, especially when I cut sodium next week.

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Do you think Jeremy Potvin can defeat reigning champ Jeremy Buendia?

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  1. I know everyone gonna hate me for this but.. it would be a lot more impressive if the lack of legs/calves wasnt so obvious, holy fuck you can see those skinny legs and calves (compared with his upper body, and for the amount of gear hes taking)


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