The October issue of Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolic Newsletter is here!

Jerry Brainum is an absolute wealth of knowledge within the bodybuilding industry. His thirty plus years of experience in dealing with multiple different topics in bodybuilding from training to nutrition has given him the tools to provide the best information to the masses. Generation Iron’s Straight Facts digital show features the guru as he provides some much sought after information to bodybuilding fans and athletes.

In the October issue of the Applied Metabolics Newsletter, Jerry Brainum goes over the topic of muscle loss with age and what causes it. In response, Brainum has in fact discovered a method of slowing the process and helping to maintain healthy muscle mass even in advanced age by creating and anti-inflamatory diet. Jerry also delves into the differences in steroid usage, particularly injectable versus oral steroids. Another topic in the newsletter discusses whether or not you can out train a bad diet.

There are much more topics covered in this months newsletter so to find out more, go to the Applied Metabolics website and sign up for the monthly newsletter in order to increase your knowledge.

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