Strongmen competitors make a life out of lifting ridiculously heavy weight. Jerry Pritchett details how they avoid serious injury.

The world of professional Strongman competitions is an intense and epic one. The competitors lift more weight than many might think is humanly possible. Each competition’s sole purpose is to see just how much weight a human being can put up. So of course, the risks are high when pushing the body to and sometimes past its limit. So how do Strongmen prepare and try to prevent serious injury during such extreme lifts? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Strongman Jerry Pritchett details just how Strongman athletes keep themselves safe to lift another day.

Jerry Pritchett is a Strongman hailing form Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been passionate about strength training and the Strongman world since he was 15. We had previously caught up with Pritchett’s life as a family man and Strongman in our short documentary – Jerry Pritchett: Be Legendarywhich you can watch here.

Dedicating so much of his life to Strongman training – Jerry Pritchett is no stranger to putting his body through the paces of extreme lifts. In such an intense sport that puts so much strain on the human body – how do Strongmen competitors ensure they can avoid injury?

That’s one of the questions we asked Jerry Pritchett during our GI Exclusive video interview. Despite what some fans may believe, Strongmen are not reckless with their bodies. If they get injured, it prevents them from being able to train, prep, and compete down the road. This of course, impacts their career and future efforts to become champion Strongmen.

While injuries do happen, much like bodybuilding, there are tactics and practices that can be put into place in order to avoid injury as much as possible. You can watch Jerry Pritchett break down how he avoids injury in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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