Jesus Olivares Crushes Raw Deadlift 16kg Over IPF World Record

Jesus Olivares continues to train for the 2024 Sheffield Competition.
Jesus Olivares Instagram

Jesus Olivares is preparing to compete in February by reaching insane levels in the gym.

Jesus Olivares continues to reach new marks in the gym as he prepares for competition. Recently, the powerlifter crushed an insane 426kg (939lb) deadlift in training, which is 16kg more than the current IPF raw world record.

This is not the first time that he has surpassed this mark, which he currently holds, and he continues to set new standards.

Olivares set the world record of 410kg (910lb) during the 2023 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships. This was the heaviest deadlift ever at an IPF International contest. It was also his first victory of the year during the inaugural event.

Olivares also impressed during the 2023 IPF Classic World Championships in Malta. This marked his third consecutive world championship. Olivares has established himself as one of the elite competitors in the world, both during competition and in training.

Jesus Olivares world record deadlift
Jesus Olivares Instagram

Jesus Olivares Continues To Surpass Records

Jesus Olivares stepped up the barbell in a familiar position. He was wearing a lifting belt and used a conventional stance with a mixed grip on the bar. The weight went up quickly and showed that Olivares has more to lift.

“Just a boy who chased a dream. Thank you Lord for guiding me ☝????????????
426KG x 1 (6kg pr)”


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During the 2023 Sheffield, Olivares set a new world record total of 1,152.5kg (2,541lbs). This was a record that has been held since 2017. Ray Williams previously held it at 1,105kg (2,436lbs).

Jesus Olivares is preparing to set some new marks during his next appearance. The 2024 Sheffield competition is scheduled for Feb. 10, 2024 in Sheffield, UK. Olivares has a chance to defend his title successfully.

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