WATCH: Bodybuilder Joe Mackey Deadlifts 800 Pounds For An Easy Triple

Joe Mackey made 800 pounds look easy in a recent training session.

It is not everyday that bodybuilders make lifts look as easy as powerlifters do. Last week, Joe Mackey did just that. The Men’s Open competitor completed an 800-pound deadlift for three easy reps during a training session.

Mackey shred the video to Instagram and is seen making the reps look easy. Over the years, Mackey has been known for his incredible size and it is because of lifts like this one. It is unknown when he is planning to step on stage but Mackey has not taken time off from training and continues to open eyes in the gym.

“Just 800 lbs for 3 reps tonight. Nothing too crazy. 🙂🤷🏽‍♂️

Last week was a light week so I was expecting a larger number this week with my program since I pulled 840 lbs 2 weeks ago.

Once I saw the workout today was only 800 lbs, Honestly speaking, I was not and didn’t have to get in the zone with this pull.”

Joe Mackey stepped up to the 800-pound lift with a lifting belt and plenty of confidence. He explained how he pulled 840 pounds two weeks ago, which was a personal record. Mackey decided to add on another rep as he has done two reps of 800 before.

“I’ve done 800 so many times and the plan only called for 2 reps. I’ve done 800 for 2 before so I figured I’d go ahead and do a extra rep.
Sticking with the plan +1 with @jailhousestrong

I know the big number is coming and I’m ready.”

Joe Mackey earned his IFBB Pro Card in 2016 by placing second in the super-heavyweight division at NPC Nationals. He has competed in five competitions to this point of his career. Mackey’s highest finish came during the 2020 Tampa Pro, where he finished eighth. Mackey competed just once in 2021, during the Chicago Pro, and it is unknown when he will step on stage next.

Mackey is not slated to appear at the 2022 Arnold Classic. This means he will continue to lift heavy. By the looks of his recent ventures and his most recent Instagram caption, Mackey has his eye on an even bigger number moving forward.

Joe Mackey follows a line of great bodybuilders who are mass monsters. There is great hype around him moving forward and it will be interesting to see when he takes the stage once again. For now, Mackey will continue to impress with massive lifts.

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