Joe Rogan Takes On The Carnivore Diet With A New Twist

Joe Rogan is no stranger to the carnivore diet but he added a new element this time.

Joe Rogan has made it known that he is a big fan of different meats and animal-based products. He frequently shares meals on social media and there are some interesting cuts of meat shown. This is led by elk, which Rogan likes to eat because of the nutrients and benefits.

The calendar has turned to 2022 and that means world carnivore month is here. For the month of January, Rogan has vowed to take on the carnivore diet once again. This is a diet that requires a person to eat only meat and animal products. For Rogan, this is not a challenge given his habits but he has added a slight twist — fruit.

“January is world carnivore month. This time I’m adding fruit to this diet. Just meat and fruit for the whole month,” Joe Rogan wrote on Instagram.


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Joe Rogan is one of the top podcasters in the world hosting “The Joe Rogan Experience.” This is where he can reveal some options and allow guests to speak candidly about different topics in all areas. Rogan is also known for his commentary during UFC events and as host of Fear Factor.

Rogan continues to be a martial artist himself. This means his dedication to fitness and health is strong. He took on this very diet for the first time back in 2020 and lost 12 pounds over the course of a month. He took to Instagram to share some of the positives and the side effects.


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Joe Rogan highlights diarrhea as the only negative from this diet. As for the positives, Rogan felt that his energy levels were up throughout the day. This could be a result of disciplined eating. Also, he admits that he felt healthier after getting into the full swing of this diet.

“Now, I’m well aware of the placebo effect and I’m constantly self-analyzing every perceived reaction I’m having to eating only meat for almost 2 weeks straight, but one thing I’m fairly sure of is that my energy levels are higher and steadier throughout the day. This seems undeniable.

This is the only time in my life I’ve ever tried eliminating carbs for more than a day or so, and since I started the diet a couple days before January I’m now about 13 days in, at least 7 pounds lighter, and in completely uncharted territory for me.”

This time around, it is likely that Joe Rogan continues to provide updates on a regular basis. This has already begun as the podcaster shared a picture of a ribeye steak that he ate for breakfast on Saturday morning. For any that are thinking about taking on this challenge, Rogan is a great reference to follow.

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