Joey Swoll Uses Video Of Ego Lifter To Show Example Of Toxic Gym Culture

Joey Swoll has been speaking out against toxic gym culture and shared another example of it here.

Joey Swoll has continued to discuss toxic gym culture on social media in many ways. This is something that he feels strongly about and has made it a point to call out gym-goers who either make fun of or show up someone else trying to better themself. In his recent video, Swoll speaks on a video of an ego lifter taking over a lift.

In Swoll’s TikTok video, a gym-goer is seen attempting a new PR and struggling with the weight. Another lifter goes over and begins working with the weight in different ways. Rather than helping and encouraging, the ego lifter feels the need to show up the person who was initially working with the bar.

This is something that Swoll does not condone and explains that it is just another example of toxic gym culture.

““One of the things that upsets me most in the gym is people thinking they’re better than others simply because they’re bigger or stronger, you’re not. Just because you can lift more, doesn’t give you the right to treat people poorly.

You saw an opportunity to shame him and embarrass him for likes and attention on social media. This is toxic gym culture. You could have done two things, you could have gone over, helped him, encouraged him, and helped him with form or, you could have simply minded your own business. Be better than that.”

This is an instance where Joey Swoll believes help should have been offered. There are many examples of toxic gym culture and TikTok has turned into a platform where users call some out.

Primarily, there have been call-to-actions on the social media platform urging males to behave better in the gym and not make females uncomfortable. This was a word to gym-goers and even in some cases employees. Swoll’s account is a bit different as he explains the correct techniques of lifts if they are being made fun of.

In previous videos, Joey Swoll has shown gym-goers being called out for performing unorthodox lifts, such as drag curls and partial reps of lateral raises. Swoll quickly explains the lift and how it is not wrong just because it looks strange.

This has been extremely popular as Joey Swoll is calling for behavior in the gym to be better. This can happen in all ways beginning with all lifters focusing on themselves and not the interest of others.

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Greg Patuto
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