This a great time to try mixing up some of your workouts by trying out a new exercise.

John Cena teamed up with fellow WWE Superstar Sheamus — AKA the Celtic Warrior — to discuss his fitness and his favorite workout routines. Check out the video above to see Sheamus’ full visit to John Cena’s gym and his tips for perfecting the snatch to the overhead squat.

The overhead squat is a little bit of a complicated exercise, so-named because it slows down the snatch into two parts and requires you to lift into a squat position.

“The first exercise is a two-stage snatch,” Cena says. “So we’re going to start from the knee just to warm up the movement, and then from the floor…From the floor, one rep. You’re just going to keep loading on until you feel comfortable for one rep. “

If you watch the video, you can tell it’s a little bit of a complicated move, but definitely worth trying out for the experience gym rat. It’s an incredible workout for both your upper body and your core. The definition you gain is virtually unparalleled. Cena praised the overhead squat for exactly these reasons later in the video.

“It really is a good exercise because it does use everything. Everything from your toes, all the way up,” Cena says in the video. “It all serves the same purpose—to create a stronger, better you.”

Another interesting part of Cena’s technique is the speed at which he does his reps. He barely takes any time to rest in between reps.

“The reason I don’t take time, three or four minutes between sets is I don’t have all day. I’m not one of those guys who’s in the gym all day. Ninety minutes max for me and get the f*ck out, and do what I’m going to do the rest of the day, because there’s a whole life out there to be lived. Get In. Get Out. Get Better. That’s what we’re doing right now.”

That’s definitely not an approach for everyone, but if you feel up to it, rigorous workouts can really tear through the body system and improve the sizes of your muscles. We wouldn’t expect anything less of John Cena, so why would you expect less from yourself?

The overhead squat is definitely more complicated than your typical squat, but it’s worth it for how well it develops the body’s entire muscular system and leaves you with a more impressive physique than when you began. It’s not something you could realistically incorporate into your everyday workout routine, but definitely something to add into the mix sometimes if you really feel like pushing yourself and taking your workouts to the next level. There’s not a lot of exercises out there that work out the whole body. Hey, if it’s good enough for John Cena, it’s probably good enough for you.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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