John Fury Set to Spar Son Tyson Fury in Prep for Boxing Match With Ex-Bodybuilder

Now this is something you don’t see everyday.

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is set to get back in the ring, but not in the way anyone expected. Tyson Fury will be getting into the ring as a sparring partner for his father John Fury.

While many have come to know John Fury as a boxing cornerman of Tyson, one with a colorful personality no less, he was also a professional boxer in his youth. John Fury has competed in both professional and bare knuckle boxing matches in the past. Now it seems that the elder Fury has a reason to throw on the gloves once again.

What could be the reason for John Fury to come out of retirement? A challenge of course.

Ex-bodybuilder Mick Theo has called out John Fury in a YouTube video claiming that he could best him in a proper boxing match. The former bodybuilder also proclaimed to be in better shape than Fury and could beat him in a battle of fists and grit.

Here’s what Mick Theo had to say in his challenge to John Fury:

“My name’s Mick Theo. I came across an article on YouTube regarding John Fury offering out Dana White, then he says he is the fittest 54-year-old man on the planet. I don’t believe that, I’m 56 years of age and I believe I’m fitter than you John.

“I believe I could beat you in a proper boxing match, me and you, and you know what, we can do it for a good cause: coronavirus. The world is suffering, people are dying. I send my love out to the NHS, they’re working around the clock 24 hours for all (those) poor people, people who are dying in this world.

“Maybe me and you can get this fight on and help the charity, help the NHS and help the coronavirus (battle). Come on John, me and you can do it together. God bless you mate.”

Not one to back down from a challenge, John Fury issued his own video response. From the sounds of things, the elder Fury means business.


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John Fury has also confirmed that he would spar with his son in preparation for the match.

“Tyson said, ‘Listen, we’ll get the best of training done, we’ll get it done the right way, the proper way.’

“He’s up for it. Every member of my family’s ecstatic about this, they’re saying, ‘Oh my Dad, he’s gonna show us now what he can really do.’”

While at first glance this all may look like a stunt, this is generating some genuine interest in the boxing community. John Fury has become well known for his outspoken bravado and this match will be sure to provide a ton of fun soundbites leading up to the bout.

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