John Haack Completes Massive 600-Pound Bench Press In Training

John Haack continues to put up huge numbers during training sessions.

There is no doubt that John Haack is one of the top powerlifters in the 90kg division. He has been on a tear recently — both in competition and in training. Recently, Haack completed another monstrous lift in the gym.

Haack continues to get stronger and stronger each time he shares a lift on social media. He recently took to Instagram to share his latest accomplishment on the bench. Haack accomplished a 600-pound bench press, which is more than his heaviest competition lift.

“Joining the 600lb bench clubs feels oh so good.”


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John Haack’s heaviest bench press in competition is 579.8 pounds. Here, he was able to unofficially beat his own record with a 600.8-pound lift. Haack competes in the 90kg division but his weight at the time of this lift was not specified.


Haack has set many records in this division. He currently holds the world record and became the only 90kg competitor to total over 1,000kg in competition. During the Bucked Up Showdown, Haack totaled 1,005.5kg (2,216.8lb), including breaking the deadlift world record of 410kg (903.9lb). This is where he really solidified himself as one of the best in the world.

There has been plenty of reactions to John Haack’s recent lift. It is always special when the all-time record holder acknowledges a lift. Julius Maddox currently holds the raw bench press world record. He is looking to become the first person to ever bench press 800 pounds raw. He took the time to comment on Haack’s recent Instagram post showing off his lift. Maddox simply said “This is crazy.”

Crazy indeed. Haack has made a huge name for himself in powerlifting but 2022 could hold much more. There has been talks about Haack preparing for a massive year going up. With just three weeks left in 2021, Haack is beginning to heat up in the gym and this gives some hints that he is preparing for something special.

This would not be the first time that John Haack made some noise on stage. Haack has been seen competing some massive deadlifts and now he is adding huge bench press numbers to the list. Do not be surprised to see even more weight being put on the barbell moving forward.

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