John Haack Crushes A PR Deadlift Of 405kg During Training

Powerlifter John Haack is getting his numbers up in hopes of setting a world record.

Powerlifter John Haack competes in the 90kg (198lb) division and it five weeks out from getting back on stage. The 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation Showdown will take place on Sept. 25-26 and Haack could be looking to accomplish something that has never been done before.

In a recent Instagram video, Haack is seen deadlifting 405kg with nothing but a lifting belt, deadlift shoes, and a pair of wrist straps. This lift was performed during a training session so it will not count as an official record but if done in competition, Haack would hold the world record in the 90kg division.

“I’m ballin out, no ????
PR deadlift at 405kgs/892lbs. Just under 5 weeks out #BDE


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According to Haack’s caption, this is a personal record lift. It is fair to assume that Haack is around his competition weight with his next event being so close. With the way he has been training in recent weeks, it is clear that Haack has a plan when he steps on stage in September.

In April at the 2021 US Kern Open, Haack put on quite a show but was bested by Chad Penson. Haack set the bench press world record in the 90kg division with a 262.5kg (578.7lb) lift at the Kern Open. He totaled 970kg in the event but Penson was able to finish with 7.5 more kilograms.

John Haack attempted a 400kg at the Kern Open but was unsuccessful on both attempts. This kept Haack from totaling 1,000kg in the competition, which would have been a record. On August 9,  he pulled off a 400kg deadlift and clearly has his sights set on more weight. With Penson present at the WRPF Showdown, there is no doubt that Haack will have revenge on his mind.

This event will take place at Brave Enough CrossFit in Kansas City. It will feature some of the top competitors such as Haack, Penson, Joe Sullivan and Kevin Oak. Haack and the other male competitors will lift on Sept. 25. This is the chance for Haack to show the progress he has made and put up some numbers that have never been done in the 90kg division.

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