John Haack Approaches World Record With Easy 400kg Deadlift

John Haack recently completed the “easiest” 400kg deadlift he ever had.

John Haack has been competing as a powerlifter and this includes putting up huge numbers in training sessions. This is what Haack has been doing in recent months. He seems to be preparing for a massive year in 2022 and it is because of lifts like the one we saw on Monday.

Haack has not been shy about sharing lifts on social media. Recently, it was Instagram that saw Haack load up 400kg (881.9lb) on a barbell and move it with ease. In fact, Haack even said that himself.

@that_hugeasian_guy : “Do another”
I will not, sir.
Easiest 400kgs/881lbs has ever felt.”


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Andy Huang was in the background to watch this lift and attempt to persuade Haack into performing another rep. Haack stepped up to the barbell with a lifting belt and wrist wraps. The weight came off the ground easily and did not pause at any time. Haack kept perfect form while completing a lift that looked relatively effortless.


Obviously, a lift completed in training cannot count as a world record. This does not take away from the lift and how close it was to the actual record. Haack currently holds the world record in the 90kg division at 402.5kg (887.4lb). He set this mark during the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation The Bucked Up Showdown. Dan Bell currently holds the overall competition deadlift at 410kg (903.9lb), which he set at the 2021 WRPF Hybrid Showdown III.

John Haack has solidified himself as one of the best powerlifters in the 90kg division around the world. During the Bucked Up Showdown, he did something that has never been done before. Haack not only set the deadlift world record but he became the first athlete in the division to total over 1,000kg in a single competition. Haack finished with a total of 1,005.5kg (2,216.8lb). Because of this, there is some talk that Haack could compete as a strongman in the future.

Haack has built up elite strength to put up huge numbers performing deadlifts and squats. There is a chance he could be shooting to compete on a strongman competition series such as the Clash on the Coast series. Haack would be a U90kg or U105kg competitor.

John Haack has already made a name for himself in a big way. Now, he has a chance to continue to put up record-breaking numbers and maybe even venture into a new area of competition. This is what fans have to look forward to with Haack.

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