John LaFlamme Squats 426.5 Pounds at 71 Years Old

This was enough to set an unofficial Masters IV world record.

There are some powerlifters that can keep their strength for years and years. For John LaFlamme, that would be 71 years. The powerlifter recently completed a 193.5kg (426.5lb) squat and unofficially broke the IPF world record in the process.

LaFlamme competed in the 2022 United States Virgin Islands Powerlifting Federation Classic & Equipped National Championships. He won the Masters IV, 83kg division and turned many heads while doing so.


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This was the heaviest squat of John LaFlamme’s performance at the event. He paired this with a 105kg (231.5lb) bench press and 215kg (474lb) deadlift. It took LaFlamme three attempts to complete this deadlift. This was enough to take home the victory in the event. He totaled 513.5kg (1,132.1lb) in the entire show.

At 71 years old, LaFlamme continues to show incredible strength. He has been in the powerlifting game for 44 years. He began competing when he was 27 years old. LaFlamme made his debut at the 1978 AAU Maine State Powerlifting Championship. This began and long and successful career that has seen LaFlamme maintain his strength.

When looking at competition PRs for John LaFlamme, they have all come in the Masters’ category. The 2018 USAPL Virginia State Championships saw LaFlamme set three new PRs. He completed a 210kg (462.9lb) squat and 112.5 (248lb) bench press. This was part of a total of 557.5kg (1,229lb). In 2016, LaFlamme completed a 245kg (540.1lb) deadlift at the USAPL American Open & Police-Fire Nationals.

It is clear that LaFlamme has kept his strength over the years. He remains active on social media sharing some impressive lifts that he has taken on in his home gym.

“214kg/472lbs x3 paused. This was a needed confidence builder after a disappointing session off blocks last week.”


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This lift came as he was preparing for competition and it ended up being part of a victory. LaFlamme will continue to dominate the division and show what he can do. This might have been an unofficial record but there could be some actual world records that go down when John LaFlamme takes the stage again.

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