John Meadows explains how to be a healthy bodybuilder in a world of supplements and drugs.

Once social media exploded across the globe, the conversation about performance enhancing drugs in bodybuilding changed. Now bodybuilding influencers can share much more easily with the masses specifics about supplements, tactics, and drugs that can be taken to improve a physique. This has put a spotlight once again on the risks of drugs in bodybuilding. Is it safe? Is it leading to serious illnesses and perhaps even death? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Bodybuilder John Meadows explains how to be a responsible health conscious bodybuilder in the modern era.

John Meadows is a bodybuilder who, during his early days in the sport, suffered from a rare colon disease that nearly killed him. Eventually his colon burst and he was rushed to the hospital. Luckily he survived and after months of recovery he returned to bodybuilding to do what he loved. But his past health conditions gave him a different perspective on bodybuilding and life. He needs to continually put a focus on his health in a way many people don’t.

But in the sport of bodybuilding, competitors would be wise to put more emphases on ways to be a responsible and health conscious bodybuilder. Whether performance enhancing drugs are in the equation or not – bodybuilders essentially turn their bodies into mini human experiments. They use supplements, training tactics, and diet plans to perfect their physique into the perfect form.

With that kind of lifestyle comes risks, especially if drugs become involved, and in an era where many aspiring bodybuilders can get specific information on the web, it’s becomes more important than ever for bodybuilders to stay educated and find ways to monitor their health.

John Meadows understands that there are a lot of misconceptions of what “monitoring your health” means. So in our Skype interview he explained the real steps serious bodybuilders should be taking in order to prevent serious health risks down the road. Many bodybuilders and trainers tout blood tests as the key to staying on top of your health – but that’s only one part of a very important process that should not be overlooked.

Watch John Meadows explain it all in our GI Exclusive interview clip above.

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