John Meadows Looking Insane Before The Arnold Classic HeaderThe Mountain Dog is looking ready for his first major pro show.

Like any other professional sporting endeavor it takes a tremendous amount of training, dieting, and sacrifice in order to become successful. In bodybuilding no one has overnight success. Even athletes like Phil Heath and Kai Greene had to train for years and years before their bodies were in championship shape. When an athlete prepares themselves to head down the long road of a professional bodybuilder they must understand that nothing will come easily and that it may take several years before they reach the point where they can earn a pro card and prove their worth on a pro stage.

For John Meadows, it’s a road that’s quite familiar. He has been competed in bodybuilding competitions since the age of 13 and has always aspired to become a professional bodybuilder. At 43 years of age it took Meadows a considerable amount of time to finally obtain his pro card last summer. Where other bodybuilders would be content with simply receiving the title of IFBB pro, Meadows is looking to compete against the best in the world at the 2016 Arnold Classic.

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It was a long road filled with sacrifice, self discovery, trials and tribulations, but not without it’s rewards. Meadows invented his own training and diet programs entitled Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition which has garnered him much success. Now the newly minted pro will put his training and physique to the test when he faces off against his fellow competitors in the stacked 212 division. If his recent Instagram progress pics are any indication, Meadows is looking poised and ready to do damage at the Arnold Classic.


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