John Meadows discusses how many supplement companies mislead customers.

Bodybuilders need to take nutrition and supplementation very seriously. This is due to the fact that every single element of a bodybuilder’s body needs to be near-perfect in order to present the best physique on the competitive stage. Supplements such as protein powder, pre-workout, BCAAs and others are key ingredients to help boost a bodybuilder’s nutrition. But are bodybuilders actually getting what is promised on labels? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, John Meadows explains how the supplement industry misleads bodybuilders with the ingredients in products.

John Meadows has recently started up his own supplement company – like many bodybuilders in the industry these days. And like many bodybuilders, he also touts making sure that his supplements maintain transparency and high quality ingredients. But why is that such an important talking point these days? Shouldn’t all supplement companies be transparent on their ingredients?

The sad truth, according to many athletes, nutritionists, and experts in the field, is that supplement companies find loopholes to mislead consumers as to what they are really ingesting in supplements. John Meadows is one such bodybuilder that agrees that the overall supplement industry is lacking in terms of trust with the consumer.

In our interview with Meadows, he discusses the wide variety of tactics certain, but not all, supplement companies take to save money. This saving also comes at the cost of the consumer with things like “filler” and misleading labels that don’t tell the whole story of what is really going into your protein powder or BCAAs. Meadows also talks about protein spiking and how that can have an affect on the nutrition of a bodybuilder (or any athlete really) when consuming supplements.

The bodybuilding industry is very dependent on perfecting the nutrition of athletes to bring the best physique on stage. This becomes harder if the supplement industry doesn’t bring the highest quality ingredients and the right level of trust in their products.

Should you trust the supplements you are currently taking? Watch our latest GI Exclusive interview with John Meadows above to decide for yourself.

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