This could be the end of Jon Jones.

UFC 214 was a pretty massive event for the promotion this year. Missing their biggest star in Conor McGregor who ventured out into foreign territory by challenging Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, the UFC found themselves lacking big stars to hitch their pay-per-view events to. But UFC 214 would mark the return of disgraced light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as he was finally able to face off against Daniel Cormier in a rematch of their January 2015 bout at UFC 182. With a massive knock out victory and some impressive pay-per-view numbers, it was looking like UFC 214 was a big win for the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

Then Jon Jones tested positive for steroids.

Many didn’t want to believe it, that this man who had broken the rules so many times before would do so again. But it appears that hoping for change is very different than seeing that change come to fruition. It has been confirmed that sample B of Jon Jones banned substance test has come back positive for steroids.

Jon Jones’ urine sample, broken into sample A and sample B, came back positive for the steroid turinabol. While sample A may have been positive, it simply could have been a mistake, some kind of mishandling in the lab. Now that sample B has also come back positive, it’s safe to say that this could mean the total destruction of Jon Jones’ career and legacy.

So what does this mean for his future? Well, it’s safe to say his victory over Daniel Cormier will be overturned to a no contest, striking the win from the record. It also means that all his past performances will be called into question. No fighter will feel comfortable fighting Jones in the futures and it essentially makes him impossible to market.

It truly is sad to see such amazing potential wasted, but that’s how life plays out some times. Jon Jones had the opportunity to cement himself as the greatest fighter of all time. Now, he’ll simply be viewed as a cheat who couldn’t get his act together even when so much was on the line. No doubt damage control comes next for Jon Jones and the UFC. This is a big blow to the sport, one that it’ll have to work hard to recover from.

What do you think of Jon Jones’ sample B failure?

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  1. Nothing is going to come of this, shitty as it is for other athletes, Jones is too big a name, and Dana isnt going to let him go to Belator. This will somehow be swept under rug, i cant stand Jones, but hes going NO WHERE !!!

  2. Personally I wouldn’t care in the least if they allowed everyone to do it. Everyone in Pride was juiced and those fights were amazing. Id more say Jones is a piece of shit because despite a lengthy suspension and needing to prove himself, he couldn’t even get through one fight without looking for some kind of illegal advantage and staying out of trouble. I’m all for second chances but this moron is on like his 10th chance and still can’t get it together. He’s never going to change and is going to continue embarrassing the UFC and Dana.

  3. Steroids don’t make you able to hit hard, take hits, grapple for better position, or give you some unknown fighting techniques, that’s actually a side effect of working your ass off and training, but jumping on the steroid bandwagon is way easier so have at it. TRT is a real thing and so is PCT but let’s definitely bury the guy instead

    • I’m not saying it’s a smart decision on his part, if you know it’s not allowed then it’s on you, I’m saying it’s not some magic shot that makes you a badass. People with $100,000 a year jobs fail drug test’s daily, and they’re just as dumb, I’m simply stating that steroids didn’t win the fight

  4. He officiously could not be bothered to do what was necessary to achieve the greatness he could have easily achieved so he deserves everything he gets. I guess now he gets to see what its like to work a 9:00-5:00 position and think back on how stupid a decision that was.

  5. What kills me is that he got busted for T-Bol this time. It’s an oral steroid with a short half-life. So did he pop these just before his test? Getting caught doesn’t make him stupid… his lack of intelligence makes him stupid.


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