Jon Jones Helps Law Enforcement Stop Vandals Amidst Protest

Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Jon Jones, took spray cans from protestors that were being destructive.

Protests have been uprising around the world in support of George Floyd, a Texan man that was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis, MN. The protest is also to push for a reform on the police force for social injustice and racism against African Americans.

Videos have circulated of peaceful protests, looting, and destruction. Jon Jones is caught in one of these videos, confiscating spray cans from vandals that have intentions of being destructive.

Multiple businesses and communities have been destroyed during the span of a week. Vandals are disguising themselves as protestors to push their own agenda undercover. This is a time where we all need to come together and fight for change. Jones is one of the many that are helping continue to make this movement positive.

Jon Jones continued in his efforts to stop vandalism as he teamed up with law enforcement.

As the protests continue across the US we can only hope that things remain peaceful. In many instances that hasn’t been the case as we’ve seen scenes of excessive force on one side with looting and vandalism on the other. It’s important to keep the message as these protests continue.

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