Chuck Liddell is looking for a fight against Jon Jones.

The last time we saw Chuck Liddell in action was against Rich Franklin at UFC 115 back in June of 2010. Years removed from competition and enjoying a cushy behind the scenes job with the scenes, it seemed like Chuck Liddell had put fighting in his rearview. But everything changed when the promotion was sold to WME-IMG back in mid 2016. That sale would put an end to that cushy corporate position for Chuck Liddell.

What does a fighter do once they’ve retired from competition and feel restless? What do they do when they’re retirement gig ends up being taken away from them?

Apparently in Chuck Liddell’s case, they come out of retirement.

That’s right. Chuck Liddell is looking to come out of retirement to once again put on the four ounce gloves and do battle inside a cage.

Now, the old school fan in me is somewhat curious how a 48 year old Chuck Liddell will look in his return to action after a eight year lay off. The logical part of my mind says that this is pure insanity.

The game has past Chuck Liddell behind and that is in no way a disrespectful statement. The young hungry lions are out and about, looking to destroy anything in their path. This next generation of fighters have taken the game to a whole new level, making a potential fight against the older Liddell seem like a mismatch of massive proportions.

Liddell made comments on The MMA Hour expressing his thoughts on a comeback and who he has lined up on his hit list.

In classic Jon Jones style, the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion gave a number of responses, one a bit more good natured:

Another not so much:

At the end of the day, Chuck Liddell returning to action could be a brilliant Cinderella story if he’s victorious and in spectacular fashion. But more than likely it’s an ill advised notion that could be a lose-lose for anyone involved.

What do you think of Chuck Liddell making a comeback?

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