Jon Jones to Vacate UFC Light Heavyweight Title Due to Pay Dispute

It appears that Jon Jones is making some bold career decisions.

The current reigning light heavyweight champion has been pushing for a bout at heavyweight. His first foray into the heavyweight division would be a bout with knockout artist Francis Ngannou. That is, if Jon Jones had his way. But it appears that Dana White and the UFC aren’t so keen on the idea.

The reason? They think Jon Jones wants too much money.

That in itself is a ridiculous conclusion. Jones is one of the biggest draws in the company. For the UFC not to fork over truckloads of cash for one of their champions to face one of the most dangerous heavyweights on planet is simply bad business. The fight would produce so many pay-per-view buys that it seems like a no brainer.

In response it appears that Jon Jones is taking his fate in his own hands. Rather than accept what he considers a low payout, he’s decided to vacate his light heavyweight title.

Jon Jones did express interest in potentially coming back for a bout against middleweight champ Israel Adesanya.

Jones detailed his feelings about the situation and how Dana White is spinning the story.

It appears The Hurt Business is no longer delivering the dividends it once did for Jones. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess.

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