Jorge Masvidal Trashes Michael Bisping: “I Just Want One Of The Latin Fighters To Break His Face”

The Jorge Masvidal/Michael Bisping beef is still burning hot.

It’s no secret that UFC fighters Jorge Masvidal and Michael Bisping harbor a genuine mutual disdain. Last year at UFC 217, the two had multiple altercations in their hotel, which fortunately never escalated to physical combat.

But just this week on The MMA Hour, Masvidal revealed that the two had a more significant altercation after UFC Shanghai.

Masvidal said he was scheduled to do media on the event, and encountered Bisping after he lost the headliner bout via KO to Kelvin Gastelum.

“After he got knocked out, I didn’t want to even look at the guy. I’m not the type of dude who kicks somebody when they’re down. Whatever, bro, we’ll handle our problems later…. So as I’m taking pictures, he’s crossing me by and he gets maybe three feet from me, he sticks out the middle finger and he screams as loud as he can like a little girl, ‘F*ck you! F*ck you! You’re a disgrace to the sport! F*ck you!’”

Masvidal says that was the closest the two ever came to exchanging blows. Bisping was quickly bundled off into an elevator with UFC executives. He has since responded to the interview with this tweet:

Masvidal took his disdain a step further, saying that he believes Bisping is genuinely racist, and laying out his reasoning clearly.

“For what Bisping’s done and how he’s acted, I sincerely, in my heart, believe he’s a racist piece of sh*t. I want to break his f*cking face. He spit on a Latin corner’s fighter before [when he fought Jorge Rivera at UFC 127]. He talks numerous sh*t about Yoel like Yoel’s not even f*cking human. And then he rips up my country’s flag. So you can’t tell me and nobody can tell me, ‘No, this is part of the game. He’s just trying to…” No, no, no. I truly believe he is racist.”

Despite all this, Masvidal admits there is little chance of the two meeting inside the octagon. Bisping only has one fight left before his retirement, and is being very picky. Masvidal only expressed his hope that Bisping retires off a beating by another Latin fighter.

“That b*tch ain’t going to fight me, I’ll be honest…I just want one of the Latin fighters to break his face.”

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