Judging Robbery?! Did Steven Cao Deserve 7th Place at Most Recent Show in China?

Did Steven Cao deserve a better placing?

Bodybuilding can be a subjective endeavor. Some individuals will judge a competitors physique based on their own criteria and biases, despite the fact that they should be adhering to a very specific guideline. Nevertheless, there are some judges that can turn things completely on its head.

With his most recent showing in China, Men’s Physique pro Steven Cao saw him take a particularly low placing which left fans scratching their heads.

Always a top flight competitor, the young Steven Cao is always prepared and is looking to have solid potential as a contender for the top spot in the Men’s Physique division. At the 2018 Arnold Classic Cao took sixth place against some of the best athletes in his division. But it seems as if he missed a step at his most recent showing at the 8th Sanya International Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Contest.

Steven Cao was placed seventh, but from his presentation it appears that he deserved a much better placing. Take a look at his performance and sound off in the comments on what you think of his physique.

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