Juliana Malacarne Will Not Compete at the 2018 Olympia, Relinquishes Title Reign

Juliana Malacarne stepping away.

There are moments in life when one must make a difficult decision, one that could have long standing repercussions in the years to come. While it may seem like a shock or poor judgment to others, the one making the choice is  the only one that does so with the full understanding and reasoning behind their actions. For four time Women’s Physique Ms. Olympia Juliana Malacarne, it appears the time has come for her to make a very difficult decision of her own.

It appears that Juliana Malacarne will be stepping down as reigning champion in the Women’s Physique division.

This turn of events comes as a bit of shock, especially considering her dominance over the division. Nevertheless, if she has decided to step away from her position as champion then it was likely done with a great amount of consideration in mind.

The news was broken by a close friend to Juliana Malacarne who gave his own detailed break down of the situation from his perspective.

Well I’m seeing that chatter online and Juliana @julesfit10 has now given me the go ahead to make the announcement on something I have known for a little while now…..4x Ms Olympia Juliana Malacarne will not be competing in this years Ms Olympia! She has given me many reasons that I find interesting. Juliana is in good health and perfectly capable of competing but is simply choosing not to. I first met Juliana in 2007 when she moved to NY from Brasil and barely spoke any English. I needed a good female trainer at my gym I used to own and despite the obvious language barrier I knew Juliana was an amazing trainer. We became friends and she moved into my house and rented an extra room I had until she got on her feet and got busier at the gym. She eventually built up her clientelle & rented an apartment down the street from my gym where she lived for the next 7 years while working there. Juliana actually introduced me to my wife Rita @ritashantidmt back in 2009. I have many memories of Juliana’s career. Starting with her telling me in broken English the first time we met in person “I know one thing, one day I will be Ms. Olympia”. I then watched her take LAST callout in 12 straight shows over the next 5 years. I remember Juliana was going to retire in 2012 before WPD came out. She decided to hang on for one more show (2012 NY Pro) to see what would happen. Her mom had a stroke 4 weeks out and was left unable to walk in the hospital. Juliana jumped on a plane for Brasil. Surely I thought the show (and likely her career) was over then…but she hung on. She stayed on her diet and got back here to NY 10 days out and told me “I just want to be successful one time in life and I will win this show for my mom”. Well the history books will reflect she did it!! 13 shows into her pro career she finally had a win! Now she is stepping down as the reigning 4x Ms Olympia. The greatest Champion the division has ever seen. A future IFBB Hall Of Fame member. Will she compete again next year? 🤔 Its possible. But for now she is stepping away….as a Champion. Juliana wishing you all the best. Congrats on an amazing career to the most resilient IFBB Pro who ever lived.

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What do you think of Juliana Malacarne stepping down as Women’s Physique Ms. Olympia?

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