Julius Maddox Breaks Unofficial World Record With 765 Raw Bench Press

Julius Maddox breaks his own world record by bench pressing 765 pounds raw.

Powerlifter Julius Maddox seems to have no limit in sight as he yet again has broken (unofficially) the world record in the raw bench press. By bench pressing 765 pounds raw, he beat his previous 2019 raw bench press record of 743 pounds.

The impressive lift is considered unofficial though, due to the fact that the bench press was performed at his gym and not during competition. Regardless, the lift was recorded and it sure looks legit. You can watch the posted video of Julius Maddox breaking the record on Instagram below.


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Julius Maddox first broke the raw bench press record in August 2019 by pressing 739 pounds, breaking Kirill Sarychev’s previous world record. Maddox then went on to defeat his own world record three more times – though some of those recorded lifts are also unofficial.

So now the big question remains – will Julilus Maddox be able to eventually bench press 800 pounds raw? An 800 pound bench press has only been accomplished with a bench shirt and other equipment. This was done by Tiny Meeker who holds the equipped bench press record at 1,102 pounds.

At the rate Maddox has been going – it seems entirely possible that he’ll be able to break into the 800 pound level. So the bigger question we are asking ourselves is – just how far can he go before he truly hit his limit? We’ll keep an eye on this powerhouse powerlifter in the coming months.

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