Kai Greene Interview: Kai goes into detail on Hadi Choopan’s physique and decision to compete in Men’s Open at Olympia 2019.

One of the biggest standout moments from the Olympia 2019 was Hadi Choopan finally competing in the United States. Not only did he surprise us all last minute with announcement of receiving a visa to compete at the Mr. Olympia – but he also ended up competing in the Men’s Open as opposed to the Men’s 212 (where many believed he could have easily scooped up a first place victory).

Even more impressive is that Choopan ended up getting third place in the Men’s Open category – proving to the world what it seemed Choopan already knew – that he can stand up against the best of the best in the Men’s Open class.

During our time interviewing Kai Greene at the New York Comic Con this past weekend, we decided to ask Kai what he thought of Hadi Choopan’s physique and more importantly his decision to battle it out in Men’s Open rather than the Men’s 212. Unsurprisingly, Kai Greene was extremely impressed by Choopan’s physique and was even more impressed by the tough decision made to stick it out in the Men’s Open division. You can watch Kai’s full response in the GI Exclusive video above!

You can also get an inside look at Hadi Choopan’s journey towards getting a pro card featured in our feature film documentary Generation Iron 3. Available for digital download here.

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