Welcome home Kai Greene.

We told you we had big news. And now we’re proud to be able to finally reveal it to the world. Kai Greene has always been one of the biggest staples of the film Generation Iron. In a sense it was a second home for him. Opening him up to a world even beyond the sport of bodybuilding itself. As you all know earlier this year Kai Greene has dropped his sponsorship with MuscleMeds and on top of that – he did not resign his contract with AMI.

Well Kai Greene is now returning home. The Generation Iron Fitness Network and Kai Greene have now officially partnered up to provide you, the fans, with a whole new era of Kai Greene. What does this mean exactly? Kai Greene is now officially an executive producer, spokesperson, and executive editor of Generation Iron. Working together we will create multiple entertainment and fitness shows in conjunction with The Vladar Company (The studio responsible for Generation Iron & the GI Fitness Network).

We’ll be teaming up with CBS for a brand new original podcast featuring Kai Greene himself on the massive CBS platform PlayIt – where Kai Greene’s epic words and thoughts will be directed right into your ears all year round. We will also be bringing to you Kai’s recently announced comic book “The Chronicles of King Kai” – a truly original and memorable series that perfectly combines Kai’s massive imagination, vision, and poetic words.

We are also proud to announce that this partnership will also lead to a brand new documentary film about the life and times of Kai Greene himself. That’s right. A feature film about Kai Greene. A docudrama with details of the brutal reality of bodybuilding as well as the hardships and obstacles Kai had to endure leading up to his grand success.

We’ll have plenty of more info in the coming weeks regarding news on upcoming shows, content, and more. So make sure to stick around and in the meantime – check out Kai Greene’s official statement and interview with director Vlad Yudin about this promising partnership in the video above.

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