Kai Greene Pokes Fun at the Men’s Physique vs Bodybuilding Issue on Instagram

Looks like Kai Greene is having a bit of fun with this issue.

The heated rivalry between Men’s Physique and Men’s Open Bodybuilding is heating up! Though that may be a bit of hyperbole, it is true that certain Open Bodybuilders are making light of the situation that Jeremy Buendia has been championing in a harmless, lighthearted fashion.

Jeremy Buendia has felt that the Men’s Physique division has been under attack by certain individuals in the bodybuilding community. He claims that Open Bodybuilders don’t give respect to Men’s Physique competitors and that they are openly mocked and criticized by their larger counterparts.

While opinions may vary on the subject, some people agreeing with Jeremy Buendia and his assessment while others think he’s taken things too far, the reality is that it’s an interesting topic of conversation, one that many individuals in the fitness and bodybuilding community are commenting on.

The latest to touch on the issue is the hyper popular Men’s Open Bodybuilder and dynamic artist Kai Greene. With so much anger and vitriol being spouted over the issue, Kai Greene poked fun at himself and the Men’s Physique division with a recent post on his Instagram page.


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am I late to the party 🎈😅

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Someone even went to the trouble to take things a step further adding Kai Greene’s former rival Phil Heath into the mix.

From the looks of things, Kai Greene is simply keeping things light and trying to make people come together and laugh rather than spark more negativity.

What do you think of the Men’s Physique vs Men’s Open Bodybuilding issue?

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