“What will you leave behind when you’re gone?”

Legacy is something that is often on the minds of people across the globe – whether it be consciously or subconsciously – we all want to leave our mark for future generations. This might be through kids and a family (passing on your name) or through great deeds that will be remembered by history (passing on your actions). Regardless of how we do it – we all want to be remembered.

But the power to create doesn’t just happen. It’s not necessarily easy. It has to come from deep inside of you. Creating a perfect physique. A perfect mind. A perfect legacy. It all takes true strength, courage, and focus. In the latest Words of Wisdom segment, Kai Greene looks straight into the face of not only his own legacy – but the legacy of us all as people. What does “create” mean to Kai Greene? Watch the video above, get motivated, and find out.

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