The anger, the rage, the fire inside of you.

WORDS OF WISDOM: a new motivational mini series starring the powerful words of The People’s Champ – Kai Greene.

Do you control your rage or does the rage control you? That fire inside the pit of your stomach can lead you to do great things. Amazing things. It can drive you to rise above your perceived limitations and into a new level of strength – whether it be mental, physical, or beyond. When you hit the iron – do you tap into the fury? Do you slay the weights with all of your might? We don’t think your fueled up enough. Not until you see Kai Greene’s latest motivational Words of Wisdom. Let the boom drums shake you, let Kai’s words inspire you, and let the fire take over into an unstoppable force. Get motivated with the latest episode above.

Words of Wisdom airs every Tuesday on the Generation Iron Fitness Network and if you subscribe to our YouTube channel right now you can get updates on this and many other brand new shows. Stay pumped.

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