Kenny KO Goes After Bang Energy In Scathing Vlog

YouTuber and fitness gossip Kenny KO has bared his teeth at Bang Energy drinks in a scathing new video.

Amateur bodybuilder and YouTube personality Kenny KO has taken shots at Bang Energy in his latest video. He followed up the video with a joke post on his Instagram showing him heating up a spoonful of Bang Energy in a metal spoon, comparing it to crack. You can check out the post in full below.

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Drinks Bang Energy Once #bangenergy #youtube

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Bang Energy is a popular workout drink with innumerable sponsored athletes roaming the fields of Instagram and racking up consumers.

“Why do you believe Bang has made such an immediate and substantial impact on the exercise industry?” An interviewer asks in the above clip.

“Precisely because…we did everything differently,” answers Bang CEO Jack Owoc. “We zigged when everyone else was zagging.”

Kenny KO has a different take on the situation, however. He accuses Bang of being dishonest with consumers and relying on the Instagram algorithm metrics to boost sales of an inferior product. Bang was famously embroiled in controversy earlier this year for its 375 mg caffeine content, which was later lowered to 300 mg. Bang claims to aid weight loss and promote fitness, but the science of massively loading up on caffeine to achieve those goals is sorely lacking.

Kenny KO also takes on one of Bang Energy’s ads in the video, which shows two hot Instagram models in bikini tops on the beach drinking Bang and smiling with dead eyes to a poorly mixed dubstep track. Aptly, the video is titled “The Cringe World of Bang Energy.” Of course sex sells, but Kenny KO seems to think there’s not a lot else going on in the world of Bang Energy.

To be fair, Kenny KO’s criticisms are leveled more at the ethos of the brand than at the drink itself. He clearly takes more issue with the extreme level of corniness and naked self promotion of Bang’s founder, Jack Owoc, but barely talks at all in the video about the actual drink. What does it taste like? Are its claims to help people work out better and for longer founded on actual science? These questions go unaddressed in Kenny KO’s vlog, more than half of which is just him ripping into Jack Owoc for his shameless salesman routine.

So, it looks like the jury is still out on Bang Energy. This video is hardly likely to change any minds on the topic — if you drank Bang Energy before, you probably still will, and if you were already aware of Jack Owoc’s out-of-control corniness, then this video was simply telling you what you already knew. Of course, Kenny KO may not be the most reliable arbiter of Instagram brand corniness. And, given the fact that he links to alternative products he endorses in the video description, he may have ulterior motives for manufacturing the whole beef.

So, what do you think? Bang Energy, yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below.

*All images and videos courtesy of YouTube and Instagram. All views expressed in this article are taken from KENNY KO on YouTube and do not represent the opinion of Generation Iron.



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