Keone Pearson Set to Switch from Classic Physique to the 212 Division

Keone Pearson looks to switch things up!

One of the top competitors in the Classic Physique division, Keone Pearson proved at the 2019 Olympia why so many people were impressed with his potential. In his first ever Olympia contest, Keone Pearson took fourth place behind fellow Classic Physique veterans, Chris Bumstead, Breon Ansley, and George Peterson. Not too shabby for a first time Olympia competitor.

But it seems that Keone Pearson’s days as a Classic Physique competitor are numbered. While he may have brought an impressive form to the Olympia stage, Keone Pearson has officially gone on record with his intentions to move to the 212 Division.

In truth, the move makes a ton of sense. With his stature more similar to that of 212 competitors and clear genetic potential to put on even more muscle, Keone Pearson switching divisions could be the best move for his career. We already saw what a switch in divisions has done for someone like Hadi Choopan. Keone Pearson could perhaps replicate that success with his own switch to the 212 Division.

In the Instagram post below, Keone Pearson made his intentions known to the world and is looking to bring an even more impressive form to the 212 Division.

Do you think Keone Pearson moving to the 212 Division is a smart move?

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