Kevin Levrone shares the most common question he gets from aspiring bodybuilders and the honest truth he gives them in return.

There’s no doubt that Kevin Levrone is an icon in the sport of bodybuilding. His name will forever be etched into the history of the sport. While he no longer competes today (after a quick comeback stint in 2016), he still engages with the bodybuilding community through seminars and appearances throughout the year. So what is the most frequently asked question Kevin receives? Usually, it’s asking for tips on how to be a successful pro bodybuilder. In our GI Exclusive interview, Kevin Levrone details how he answers that question… and how he doesn’t sugar coat the risks involved.

“How do you become a successful pro bodybuilder?” This is a question often asked by young competitors looking to go pro. But it’s not a simple question to answer. Everyone’s journey is different. While tips from legends in the sport can be quite helpful, it should never be seen as the only way to succeed. So how does Kevin Levrone answer that question when young fans meet him at seminars and appearances? He doesn’t hold back and shares the whole truth as he sees it.

“I just start off with everything is trial and error. Believe in yourself. If you’re going to do something, do it 100%. Do it for a purpose and a goal in mind.” Kevin Levrone states in our interview. He continues:

“But also take all precautions and realize you are taking your own life in your own hands. And be smart about it. And have a team around you, whether it’s your family or someone and be upfront and honest with them so they can monitor you. So I always just lay it out like that. So especially now since you have a lot of kids inspired all over – you know, everyone wants to turn pro.”

As you can see, Kevin Levrone doesn’t sugar coat it. It gives the good with the bad. He makes it clear that success doesn’t come over night. But more importantly than that, he makes it clear that the decision to go pro is also a major decision you are making about your health.

Kevin Levrone puts emphasis on a support system – which is something not discussed enough in this sport. It’s easy to look at a successful pro bodybuilder and only see the singular man. Bodybuilding can be a lonely and isolating sport – but it also doesn’t have to be that way. Many pros have a support system. Sometimes that’s a coach and a nutritionist. Sometimes that’s a girlfriend or family members.

While bodybuilding can give an athlete tunnel vision and put strain on personal relationships – it’s always important to have an outside perspective to see things the athlete might not. This is especially true for health. Of course, family and friends are not doctors. But they might notice something is wrong or strange behavior before you notice it yourself. This can make a world of difference in taking care of yourself long term.

Check out Kevin Levrone’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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