Kevin Levrone breaks down and in detail and reflects on his entire comeback process.

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Kevin Levrone is one of the biggest fan favorite legendary bodybuilders of all time. He is also a bodybuilder that holds one of the best physiques in the history of the sport. He may not be a Mr. Olympia champion – but he’s proven himself time and time again to stand up among the best.

While working with Kevin Levrone as a featured interview in the Ronnie Coleman: The King documentary – Levrone was right in the middle of his comeback. We knew that we wanted to go into more detail with his entire return process and started following him with cameras as he continued to train for the Arnold Classic Australia. This eventually expanded into an upcoming documentary short that is still in production – Kevin Levrone: Born To Overcome.

The Iron Cinema interview above is one of the shoot days from our time spent with Kevin. Recorded after his Arnold Classic Australia comeback – Levrone reflects on the entire comeback process starting with the Mr. Olympia 2016. He reveals his mindset throughout the entire process and explains whether or not it was all worth it in the end. Check out the full interview above.