Kevin Levrone reflects back on the toughest bodybuilding show in which he ever competed.

Kevin Levrone stands as a true legend in the world of bodybuilding sporting an incredible competition track record. He’s also considered to have one of the best physiques from his era and possibly of all time. But even legends are challenged by the competition from time to time. That’s why we wanted to dig deep into some of the more harrowing and challenging bodybuilding competitions of his professional career. In our latest GI Exclusive, Kevin Levrone details the toughest battle he’s ever had on stage.

When we asked Kevin Levrone to talk in depth about the most challenging bodybuilding competition he had ever competed in – he started his response off stating, “Every battle I had on stage I remember like it was yesterday.” This is the level of passion and commitment Levrone still holds for the sport to this day even long after retirement. To Levrone, every single bodybuilding show he competed in was important.

So it was rather easy for Kevin Levrone to pull up one of the most challenging competitions of his life. It was the 1992 Night Of Champions. A competition in which Levrone wasn’t sure if he’d make it out alive.

“The show that I did that I felt like I wasn’t even going to live through it was the ’92 Night of Champions.” Kevin Levrone stated in our interview. He continued:

“I felt like I was going to die at that show. My body fat was probably 2.7 and. – I got called out one time. I was just so lean, so ripped, so shredded… I didn’t have any energy to think or do anything. So I thank God I made it through that show.”

Kevin Levrone ultimately won first place at the competition that night. But it seems the stress his body was under throughout that show is something that sticks with him more vividly than the actual win itself. Levrone goes on to state that the Night Of Champions was a wake up call for him. He changed his tactics moving forward so that he was able to still bring an exceptional package without risking his energy or health.

Kevin Levrone went on to then discuss the pro bodybuilding competition he felt best at while on stage. He looks most fondly at the Mr. Olympia 2000, a competition where he felt the healthiest and that it was his “night to shine.” Ultimately, Levrone placed second to Ronnie Coleman at that competition but he defeated some other truly threatening competitors such as Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray.

You can watch Kevin Levrone’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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