WATCH: Kevin Malone Deadlifts 700 Pounds at 53 Years Old

Kevin Malone continues to impress in the gym at the age of 53.

Kevin Malone might be a bodybuilder but this does not mean that he is not experienced in powerlifting. The 53-year-old has been accomplishing many personal bests in the gym recently, which means he has been training with heavy weight. Recently, Malone showed off another huge lift.

Malone took to Instagram to share a 700-pound raw deadlift. The lift began smoothly until Malone was able to lock it out and return the weight to the ground. He used chalk and seemed to be wearing a lifting belt, shoes, and wrist wraps.

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Malone got the weight off the ground with ease before slowing down a bit on the way up. He was able to power through it to complete the lift and give social media another feat of great strength.

This is not the first time that Kevin Malone has deadlifted a weight in this range. He has been in the 700-pound range multiple times and has even ventured into the realm of 750 pounds. Despite pulling off some massive lifts, Malone has never competed in a sanctioned powerlifting competition.


Malone began his career as a bodybuilder backed in 2014. He finished seventh overall at the NPC Teen Collegiate and Masters Bodybuilding Championships. Malone fell to 16th at the same competition in 2015 before taking a three-year break from the stage. Malone returned once again to competition in 2018.

In 2018, Malone notched three top-five finishes. This includes a gold medal during the NPC Northcoast Championships and third place during the National Physique Committee Phil Heath Classic.

Malone is 53 years old and has never competed in a powerlifting competition but he continues to put up big numbers. Malone recently competed a deadlift PR of 760 pounds. In his caption, Malone added “#roadto800”. It seems clear that his sights are set on some even bigger numbers as time goes on. This is in addition to a 727-pound deadlift for two reps that Malone completed back in January.

Kevin Malone is another example of a powerlifter reaching new heights in recent months. If social media is any indication, this is something that is going to continue moving forward. It will be intriguing to see what level alone reaches next.

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