Killing Chest: Rich Piana Goes Into Beast Mode With The Nightmare

Strength Wars Movie

A new kind of nightmare.

Comic books and fiction are two major sources of inspiration to the new bodybuilder. If you were one of the guys who grew up reading comic books like The Incredible Hulk, Superman or even Dragon Ball Z, then there’s no doubt that you were inspired by the characters in these works of fiction. The Hulk was a beast, built with heavy and massive muscle and an absolute powerhouse. Superman was never as big as the Hulk, but possessed incredible strength and a shredded physique to go along with it. Dragon Ball Z featured many shredded characters namely main character Son Goku who reached Hulk level muscules a number of times.

But like it or not these figures are all simply works of fiction… not actual living breathing human beings. Reaching their status of muscle growth is simply an impossible task. They’re works of fiction, created to entertain and inspire the people who follow their imagined exploits. At least that was the thought process years ago. These days we’re seeing mass monsters all over the place, so much so that it seems commonplace. The massively built bodybuilder has gained popularity, particularly because they appear larger than life much like fictional characters like the Hulk and Goku. It’s almost as if these imaginary visions of size and strength have become a reality.

As many of you may already know Rich Piana is on a quest to build tremendous amounts of muscle. He’s already pretty massive as it is and it’s anyone’s guess as to why he’s choosing to pack even more muscle onto his frame. Through his journey for bigger muscle, Piana has been posting videos of his progress every day that he hits the gym. But just recently the massive bodybuilder teamed up with another heavily muscled lifter who may be even more intimidating than Piana himself. Martyn Ford “The Nightmare” is 6’8”, 330 lbs of sheer muscle and is a true beast in the gym. We’ve already talked about him in the past – but now him teaming up with Rich Piana creates a whole new kind of insane nightmare. Standing side by side the two look like they came straight out of a comic book. Check out the two massive bodybuilders hit the weights in the video below.

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