King Kamali boldly stated that “everybody is on steroids” in Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life. Does he mean it?

King Kamali makes bold statements. It’s a huge part of his appeal now as a bodybuilding personality. If we’re being honest, it was a huge part of his appeal back when he was still competing. It’s refreshing to see someone not hold back when speaking his or her mind. That’s why during our most recent conversation with King, we wanted to get some clarification on a quote he had appear in Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, King Kamali goes into more detail about his statement: “Everybody is on steroids. Everybody.”

During the filming of Generation Iron 4, King Kamali made a statement in reference to natural bodybuilding. He claimed that “everybody is on steroids.” It appeared in the movie and left a big impression on the audience. What did he mean by everybody? Did he mean all athletes in bodybuilding? All athletes in sports? Or did he even mean everyone in the world?

King Kamali makes reference to “regular” people also using steroids including doctors and lawyers etc. Of course, since the film was not only about King, we couldn’t go into further detail. That’s why during our follow up conversation we wanted to get further clarification on his statement. What did he mean exactly? Does he really believe that every single person is on steroids?

It seems the answer is yes and no. King Kamali’s answer focuses more directly on sports and bodybuilding. He does believe that most natural bodybuilders are using some form of steroids. He doesn’t think they are using it on the massive level that untested league athletes use it. But he does think that self proclaimed natural athletes are touching up their physique with some steroid “maintenance.”

How does he know this? It’s all anecdotal. King claims that he knows many natural bodybuilders who have admitted to him personally they use steroids. He thinks that the tests are easy to cheat. He thinks that anyone who journeys into the world of professional sports would do anything to become better – including some form of steroid use.

But then why would athletes go through the trouble of competing in an all natural league? If they were going to use steroids anyways, why not avoid the stress of cheating by simply competing in untested leagues?

King Kamali finds that to be a simple answer as well. It’s all about limits. He thinks that people who compete in natural leagues and secretly use steroids don’t want to push past the limits they set for themselves. Perhaps they don’t want to go so deep into steroid doses and risk their health. Perhaps they just don’t want to have a massive physique like the open division in untested leagues. According to King, at the end of the day, whether it’s maintenance doses are hardcore doses, athletes use steroids. It’s seen in bodybuilding. It’s seen in other sports. That’s the bottom line for King Kamali.

You can check out his full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above. You can also catch King Kamali’s statements in Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life – available on digital today! Grab your copy by clicking here or the banner below.

Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life

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