King Kamali breaks down the three main ways bodybuilders hit plateaus… and how to start making progress again.

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It happens to everyone eventually, bodybuilding is all fun and games until you hit a plateau. In the beginning, you’ll start seeing progress and get excited at how fast you’re transforming towards your goal… only to hit a wall and suddenly find yourself frustrated and making little progress.

This is completely normal and unfortunate moment all bodybuilders must face throughout their training. The good news is there is a way to fix it. This is the stage that separates the men from the boys. It’s where the “honeymoon” phase ends and the real work begins. Luckily, King Kamali is here to help with a guide on how to properly assess why you are plateauing and then offering tips on how to fix it.

King Kamali breaks it down into three major ways a bodybuilder can plateau. There’s a mental plateau, a physical plateau, and a nutritional plateau. Each one of these three pillars have specific techniques on how to bust free and start making gains again. For the mental, it’s all about finding ways to stop limiting yourself psychologically and gaining the confidence to move into the next phase of training. For physical, it’s likely related to needing some sort of recovery mixed with variations in your training routine.

Then there’s nutritional. This third pillar is often overlooked by bodybuilders. We all know nutrition and dieting is very important to building a perfect physique – but few people realize a plateau is directly related to something going wrong on the diet side of things. King Kamali suggests going organic and avoiding processed foods, drinking lots of water, and “resetting” by doing a 24-48 hour fast.

Of course these are just the broad strokes. If you’d like to get the full in-depth guide on how to break through plateaus, make sure to watch the latest episode of King’s World above!