Bob Cicherillo goes into detail on how the current Olympia qualifier point system is broken.

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Last week, King Kamali brought on Bob Cicherillo for an extensive interview on all things bodybuilding past, present, and future. The interview was so extensive in fact, that it needed to be broken up into three parts. This week’s King’s World is part 2 of that interview – with Cicherillo going in depth about the current Olympia qualification points system.

As it stands now – Bodybuilders are given points for placing high on major bodybuilding competitions throughout the year. The top scoring bodybuilders by the end of the year are qualified for Mr. Olympia. But as Cicherillo sees it – this just forces the competitors to compete in more competitions than necessary – since there is no threshold that automatically guarantees an Olympia placing. If one bodybuilder decides to compete more and earn more points – then it forces the whole pack to also compete more to hold onto their qualifying spot.

This is all going to change soon – and Bob Cicherillo has a big part in those changes. King Kamali talks with Cicherillo in detail about why this system is broken and what is going to be changing to make it better for both athletes and the fans. Check it out in this week’s episode of King’s World!

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