Bonus Lightening Round With Lee Priest: “When Are We Going To Stop With All These Divisions?”

KING’S WORLD – is a digital series starring King Kamali providing the honest truth on all things bodybuilding. Combining King Kamali’s patented blunt opinions with some tried and true informative facts, King’s World aims to expand your mind outside of the usual “rules” behind bodybuilding. Honest opinions, valuable facts, and a whole new way to look at bodybuilding. New episodes air every Tuesday.

Last month, King Kamali sat down with Lee Priest for an extended interview on King’s World to get inside the mind of the bodybuilder who was banned for life from the IFBB and also to promote his now since released biopic documentary – Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding. Of course as many of you already know, Lee Priest is an unfiltered and honest guy who doesn’t hold anything back. So the interview contained quite a bit of content that couldn’t all make it into the original two parter episode.

That’s why to celebrate this past weekend’s release of Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding – we are releasing a bonus episode of King’s World featuring brand new unseen footage of Lee Priest’s interview with King Kamali.

In this episode King Kamali puts Lee through a lightening round of questions ranging from dream bodybuilding face-offs (such as Ronnie Coleman vs Phil Heath or Nasser El Sonbaty vs Big Ramy), opinions on Men’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym Venice, and much more. Of biggest note – Lee talks briefly about how while he respects divisions like Men’s Physique and Bikini for all the work they put in – that the division itself is diluting the sport too much. Lee’s ultimate question: when are they going to stop with all of these divisions?

Do you think that there are too many divisions that are watering down the purity of the sport? Or is it a good sign of growth and brings in not only more diversity in physiques but more entertainment? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to watch this week’s episode of King’s World above!

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