King Kamali is back and making his picks for up and coming Persian athletes that will take over bodybuilding.


After a brief hiatus due to the crisis locking entire countries down across the world, King Kamali is ready to start back up and kick it into high gear for our King’s World digital series. While the world is certainly still reeling from the issues plaguing every nation, Kamali wants to start bringing back the excitement in bodybuilding. So like many of us, Kamali is looking towards the future. Not only of when the sport will open back up with competitions – but as to who will be the big names coming down the pipeline in years to come.

Specifically, King Kamali sees a Persian bodybuilder takeover coming into the sport. A region that is teeming with extremely talented athletes, they simply haven’t gotten the name recognition internationally yet. According to Kamali, this will likely change in the years to come.

That’s why King Kamali breaks down the top seven Persian athletes that he predicts will become household names. His picks span across a wide variety of bodybuilding divisions. From what he shows in the examples in our latest episode, it certainly seems like there are some rock solid contenders with their eyes on earning some major trophies.

While it’s exciting to see the current crop of top contenders battle it out on the Arnold Classic or Olympia stage, it’s equally as exciting to place bets on who will be the next big thing. Whenever a young phenom shoots into the spotlight, the bodybuilding world eats it up. Why? Because new talent is refreshing and full of potential. While it’s not guaranteed, to be alive and witness the rise of the next revolutionary legend is truly a sight to behold.

Will any of King Kamali’s picks end up becoming a legend? It’s too early to tell – but Kamali stands behind these athletes with extreme confidence. It’s that kind of confidence that helps you believe that these athletes truly have what it takes. It could be an exciting era for Persian bodybuilders for sure – and certainly an exciting time for the overall sport of bodybuilding.

You can watch this week’s episode of Kings’ World above!