King Kamali interviews Lee Priest about his past, his future, and the current state of bodybuilding.

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On September 20, the world will get the deepest inside look into the mind of controversial and IFBB banned for life bodybuilder Lee Priest. The feature length documentary Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding chronicles Lee’s life story and explores the psychology of a man labeled as bodybuilding’s dark horse.

In the meantime, King Kamali brought Lee Priest onto King’s World in order to get a head start in exploring the mind and thoughts of Lee. Never one to hold back his opinions, Lee Priest is a blunt and controversial figure. King Kamali is no stranger to telling it like it is – so he puts Lee through a lightening round of hot button questions. Of course, Lee does not disappoint in speaking his mind – specifically when it comes to the way performance enhancing drugs and insulin have transformed the entire landscape of bodybuilding.

King Kamali has often been critical on how the internet, drugs, and the next generation have transformed the way up and coming bodybuilders build their bodies – so the conversation here gets passionate and honest very quick. You can check it out in part one of King Kamali’s interview with Lee Priest in this week’s episode of King’s world above!

You can also catch Lee Priest in our latest documentary feature film – Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding. Available now on all major digital platforms. Click here to watch!

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