King Kamali talks further with Ameen Alai about the underworld of drugs in bodybuilding.

KING’S WORLD – is a digital series starring King Kamali providing the honest truth on all things bodybuilding. Combining King Kamali’s patented blunt opinions with some tried and true informative facts, King’s World aims to expand your mind outside of the usual “rules” behind bodybuilding. Honest opinions, valuable facts, and a whole new way to look at bodybuilding. New episodes air every Tuesday.

Last week on King’s World, King Kamali brought on Ameen Alai to discuss the details of bodybuilding prep, nutrition, and training. Ameen is a bodybuilding master trainer and guru who – as King Kamali put it – transformed Kamali’s career into the powerhouse we saw on stage in his prime. Ameen had so much good information that King Kamali wasn’t able to fit it into one episode. That’s why we are bringing him back for Part 2 of our talk. This time though, we dive into the darker side of bodybuilding supplementation and drugs.

We’ll get this warning out of the way now – this is in no way an across the board statement about pro bodybuilding. Each individual experience is different – but there is no denying the fact that drug use does factor into the lifestyle of bodybuilding for many people. Int his episode, Ameen and King Kamali discuss the history of certain drugs used throughout the decades of bodybuilding, how it evolved, and how the underground world of drug supplementation works in bodybuilding.

This is in no way an endorsement or how-to guide on using any illegal drugs. This is a personal account on the history of the sport, the wrong turns it took, and perhaps some wrong turns that are even happening right now. Check it all out in this week’s episode of King’s World above!

This video is the sole opinion of King Kamali. Generation Iron Brands LLC does not condone, support, or advocate any form of illegal drug use.

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