Kirill Tereshin AKA Ruki Bazuki Gets Synthol Injections in his Cheeks!

Kirill Tereshin is pushing the limits of his synthol use.

So it seems safe to say at this point that synthol addict and bizarre internet sensation Kirill Tereshin, AKA Ruki Bazuki, simply isn’t learning his lesson.

After nearly losing his arms to injecting synthol into his biceps, it appears that Kirill Tereshin is looking to potentially lose his face as well. Rather than leaving the dangerous substance in his rear view, Kirill Tereshin is doubling down on synthol by getting the oil injected into his face.

The image below provided by UNILAD shows Kirill Tereshin receiving the synthol injections to his cheeks.

One has to wonder why Kirill Tereshin would take such a drastic chance after nearly getting his arms amputated for injecting synthol in his arms. While the initial procedure on his arms were involved using cheaper synthol oil, this new procedure on his cheeks has been said to use a higher quality oil this time around to avoid complications.

Still, it’s very bizarre that anyone would take such a risk after putting themselves in severe danger once before. But to be fair, Kirill Tereshin is anything but normal and while this story is definitely eye opening, it most certainly isn’t that much of a shock.

What do you make of Kirill Tereshin getting synthol injections in his face?

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Header image courtesy of Instagram

Source: UNILAD

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