Larry Wheels Hits Pause Rep Bench With a Massive 650 Lbs

Larry Wheels shows savage strength ahead of the 2020 Arnold Classic.

It can’t be denied that bodybuilder are truly a spectacle to behold. Every bodybuilder that steps on stage to prove they are the best of the best showcase their ability to go beyond what many believe is physically impossible.

But while bodybuilders turn heads with their inhuman aesthetics, powerlifters impress with their incredible strength.

Larry Wheels has been able to experience both worlds.

A self-proclaimed powerbuilder, Larry Wheels has proven himself to be a competent bodybuilder while at the same time crushing numbers in powerlifting. In powerlifting it’s all about steadily increasing strength. There is no end in sight for how much a human can lift from the point of view of a pro powerlifter. It’s all about improving themselves and breaking through their own limits.

Now, ahead of the 2020 Arnold Classic, Larry Wheels is breaking through his limits and shattering his personal records in both the paused and banded bench press. The powerbuilder posted up his success in his latest Instagram clip.


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“What do you do for a living?” Make noise and lift heavy sh!t 650lb/295kg 15lb paused bench PR @teampersonalrecord

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What do you make of Larry Wheels and his incredible strength?

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