Larry Wheels is being accused of mental and physical abuse by ex-girlfriend.

In another shocking twist to the fitness and bodybuilding industry, Larry Wheels is being accused by his ex-girlfriend of alleged mental and physical abuse.

Coming off the heels of some pretty alarming allegations against both Shawn Rhoden and Jeremy Buendia, Larry Wheels joins the growing list of accused fitness icons.

Chilasa King has recently released a video detailing the reasons behind her and Larry Wheels break up. The two were together for five years and were a staple couple in the powerlifting and fitness community. See Chilasa King’s video for more details on these allegations.

It must be stressed that King’s claims are still just allegations at this point in time. No charges have been brought against Larry Wheels.

Jeremy Buendia was just recently accused of physical and mental abuse by his ex-girlfriend as well. Could this be the beginning of a trend where secrets continue to be unveiled?

Generation Iron will continue to follow this story as more details become available.

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